Cafe Retro Nørrebro

If you are looking for a cosy second home to sit and work, study or relax, then the cafe Retro on Jægersborggade is just the place. It is an eccentric choice – a slightly studenty but extremely homely not-for-profit cafe located the trendy neighbourhood of Nørrebro. There are shelves full of a jumble of board games just like a living room and the wifi password of ‘second home’ totally sums this place up.



They have a space in the back that can be booked for community events. The day I visited there was a small training session going on and then a knitting group later. The customers varied from students, freelancers and mums with babies. It is staffed by volunteers, many internationals, who enjoy giving something back to the community but also the opportunity to meet new, interesting people and practise their Danish.retro3

It’s the epitome of shabby student chic but has a vibrant but laid back atmosphere and you can certainly linger here and relax. Just don’t come in the mornings as it opens at 12 noon most days – check their website for opening hours.

Other places I love nearby – Grød, Assistens Cemetery, Byhave 69

Address: RETRO Nørrebro – Jægersborggade 14 – 2200 København N Website

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