Bang og Jensen – the place of dreams

This cafe, located in an old pharmacy building, at the more salubrious end of Istedgade (close to Enghave Plads) in the trendy Vesterbro area of the city is the place where dreams are made. The story goes that the owners of the successful shop, Girlie Hurly, across from the cafe, first dreamed of the shop sitting outside in the sunshine, drinking a coffee and looking at the empty shop across the road.

The girl working here told me that if you are looking for a job, a boyfriend or an apartment or just inspiration, hang around here long enough and you will find it.

bangogjensen1 If nothing else, Bang og Jensen is a wonderfully different cafe compared to a lot of identikit kind of places to be found in the city. I popped in for a morning coffee, whilst I waited for here to open, and a bit of quiet work time and the back room was perfect. I just missed the morning buffet which looked lovely (what was being cleared up) and the place gets lively in the evening with cocktails and DJs – so there is something for everyone, whatever time of the day.bangogjensen2Still a little mystified by the multitude of portraits of the same bearded chap on the wall – perhaps someone can share the story?

Address: Istedgade 130, 1650 København V




  1. I hope you don’t mind this late addition to your post but we were told that the bearded chap is a Dutch sailor (fisherman?) who saved a group of Danish sailors and then became a celebrated figure. Apparently that’s why his face appears on lots of things. The staff at Bang og Jensen told us they get sent his picture all the time – I assume they only had a couple to start out with! After we’d enjoyed our buffet breakfast (highly recommended!) we found his picture popping up all over the place!

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