Girlie Hurly – a place of beauty

Have you ever been in a shop full of such beautiful things and wished that you lived there? Girlie Hurly at Istedgade 99 is just that place for me. Everything is beautifully curated and selected in colour coordinating displays. The shop was the dream of one of the current owners who sat in the cafe opposite, Bang og Jensen, and dreamed of making the empty shop across the street into the beautiful place it is now. That was fifteen years ago and Girlie Hurly is still that beautiful place she dreamed of.girlyhurly

Whilst the top end of Istedgade close to the station is still a grimy area attracting the less pleasant elements of Copenhagen, this street towards the opposite end where Girlie Hurly is located is well worth a visit, with funky cafes, shops and coffee houses but still with the edge that the hipsters of Vesterbro are yet to banish.girlyhurly3If you want something pretty that makes you feel really happy, then take a visit to Girlie Hurly. I am planning to get some wonderful drawer knobs for my newly renovated furniture, to make them that little bit more special.


  1. Wow like the look of that place! Will have to go there next time we are over. Loving your posts this week, hope you enjoyed Eurovision, get a lovely treat for Mother’s Day, and hope you’re feeling better x

    • Thanks! Eurovision was great but people in my neighbourhood carried the party on a bit too long into the night! Feeling much better and very loved yesterday.

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