It would be weird to write a blog about living in Copenhagen and not to mention the Eurovision Song Contest. Denmark is hosting it this coming weekend and made the controversial decision to convert an empty warehouse, B&W Hallerne, in the former shipyard area, Refshaleøen, on the outskirts of the city into the Eurovision venue. By all accounts the gamble has paid off but we will see on Saturday when the harbour buses take the crowds to what is now called Eurovision Island. There are tons of events going on all week – here for more details.

IMG_5884The city has embraced the contest will banners across Strøget known as the fan mile. There will be big screens showing the contest at various locations across the city for fans unable to get tickets to the actual event. Every Princess Mary is an enormous fan and will be attend a number of the shows including the early family one with the Royal children.

I have to say if I was fourteen years old I would be beside myself with excitement to live in a host city. My mum and I used to love watching Eurovision, scoring the acts and sitting up right until the end to see if we had backed the winner, long after my dad had disappeared to bed. But nowadays I am a bit jaded about Eurovision. In recent years it has become far too political with friendly nations block voting for each other regardless of the quality of the act. I may be a bit bitter as no one likes the UK. We have no friends in Europe willing to give us top points and quite frankly we could field One Direction and still struggle to get more than nul point.

Nevertheless this year I shall be armed with a groaning table of snacks and wine to watch just how Denmark shows how it is done. Will it be super stylish or mega kitsch? We will have to wait until Saturday to find out.


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