Granola, Værnedamsvej

You may have guessed by now that we enjoy eating and Copenhagen offers many excellent chances to do this, even if it is pretty expensive. One of my favourite streets in Copenhagen is Værnedamsvej in Vesterbro. This street is known as Little France and it certainly lives up to its name with many French and French inspired shops and the French school located down this street. I am going to write about Værnedamsvej in more detail soon but today I wanted to share Granola, a classically retro cafe, with you.
Granola offers a typical French menu which looks great and appears to be popular but we really come here for the homemade super creamy ice cream – that is if we can get seat as the place is always packed.  But you can get takeaway ice cream from the hatch at the front of the restaurant, if all else fails. 
I once read a little anecdote about the difference between the approach to choice between the French and the Americans. If there was the choice between an ice cream shop selling five flavours and one selling fifty, the French would chose the former and the Americans the latter.  The French would believe that fewer flavours would equate to quality. This cafe offers, I think, six flavours and the ones we have tried are amazing. My mouth is watering just thinking about the strawberry milkshake, plus it isn’t too expensive so whether you are pretending it is summer or it actually is this is the place to go.


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