The Nordic Diet by Trine Hahnemann

I hope you enjoyed my interview with Trine Hahnemann before Easter. In that interview I promised to review one of her books and I am delighted to have been sent a review copy of her new book translated into English, The Nordic Diet.

I really enjoy The Scandinavian Cookbook, both for its photography and recipes and, at first glance The Nordic Diet is equally pleasing. But the ethos behind the book is what grabbed me. Trine argues that the Nordic Diet shares the same lauded values as the Mediterranean diet, with its concentration on seasonal and local produce packed with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants, it is just the types of produce are suited to a different climate.

The introduction covers the fundamentals of a typical healthy Nordic diet  and also how to live a healthier lifestyle (and by default lose weight, which is something that will appeal to many). The ingredients of the Nordic diet are explained and throughout the book there are entries about the key ingredients, many of which may be slightly lesser known or less consumed outside Scandinavia.

But this aside, even if you treat this as simply a cookbook it doesn’t disappoint, I didn’t see any recipe that was overly complicated and they all look delicious and attractive. I have bookmarked a far few to try when of course the seasons allow – as is the Nordic Diet way. If you want to embrace the Scandinavian way of eating, this book is the best place to start.

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