10 books to help you explore Copenhagen

I wrote a while ago about fiction books based in Copenhagen or Denmark and today I thought I’d write about a selection of books which give you an insider view of Copenhagen. Although I have lived here a very long time I still enjoy reading these types of books, especially if they feature interviews or essays about the city. If you a new to the city these books are the perfect way to delve a little deeper into life here.

So here are 10 books to read about Copenhagen (in no particular order except size for the photo!)

Number 1 Wallpaper City Guide: Copenhagen

The Wallpaper Guides are a perennial guides to cities that not only look good on your shelves but also feature cool rather than fashionable places in the city. Concentrating on landmarks, hotels, 24 hour guides, urban life, architecture, shopping, sports and escapes outside the city they are perfect for both travellers and new locals.

Number 2 CitiX60 Copenhagen

This funky little guide features recommendations in the city from 60 local creatives. I found this guide refreshing as it doesn’t serve up the same old ‘hidden’ places as other guides. Just a question how many guides does a place have to be featured in before it is no longer a hidden gem?

Number 3 Copenhagen Green: The Guide

Copenhagen is a pretty green city but there are many more places to enjoy the outdoors and ‘green’ lifestyle than the usual spots. This guide will introduce you to a whole new aspect of the city.

Number 4 88 Sights in Copenhagen

The strapline of this book say it covers ‘the well known, less known and completely unknown’. It does exactly that and there are some fascinating places in the book that would otherwise remain hidden to you. A book to help you really explore the city. Look out for this book in various bookshops in the city, I got mine in the bookshop in Magasin.

Number 5 The 500 Hidden Secrets of Copenhagen

This is possibly my least favourite of the books here, simply because a lot of the places in the book are not really hidden. Nevertheless it lists fives of many different types of places in the city from food places to historical castles. It is a worthwhile addition to your bookshelves as a reference book to help you find places you need. But skip the 5 Danish phrases section as there are grammatical errors in the bit.

Number 6 Secret Copenhagen

Now here is a book that lives up to its title. I had heard of literally a fraction of the places in this guide and I am certainly going to explore the secret Copenhagen more with this book as my guide.

Number 7 Destination Copenhague

This is a beautiful little book of mainly photographs of the city with addresses of places featured. I love it as it really is ‘my’ city in the pages here.

Number 8 The Monocle Travel Guide: Copenhagen

This is also a guide with lists of places to visit, shop etc but also features a section of fascinating essays about the city and also some really interesting walking tours. This is a book to understand more about the culture of the city as well as places to go.

Number 9 Lost in Copenhagen

I simply love the typography of this series of city guides. This guide is the most hipsterish of the selection here as is shown by the fact the only two neighbourhoods it features are Vesterbro and Nørrebro. The interviews in the book really show you another side to the city  including ones with a Christiania resident, fashion designers, DJs and food bloggers, amongst others.

Number 10 Startup Guide Copenhagen

This is part of a series of guides about the startup scene in a number of cities and is the book to have if you are looking at starting up here or want to be part of that scene.

I picked all of these up in various shops around the city but most are available either via the links in the titles or via Amazon.

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