Those funny signs on the buses

Last week I saw a short thread on one of the expat Facebook groups where people were a little mystified by some of the signs currently on display on buses in the city. We see them every day on the 8a route but I assume they are on other routes.

It seems that Movia have decided that a little injection of fun and humour will make people behave better on buses rather than more dictatorial signs favoured in other places. So here is my run down of the meaning of the signs for the benefit of non Danish speakers or those that are still a little mystified by the use of some words.bus signs

  • Et smil er som en boomerang – A smile is like a boomerang – this one is pretty straightforward. Smile at someone and they will smile back (unless you live in Berlin).
  • At give plads til andre, når man er på sin egen planet – Give to space to others when one is on one’s own planet – many people are often engrossed in their smartphones or in their own world (as the British expression would go) and don’t (or pretend not to) notice people who may need a seat or for you to move over.
  • Du har fortjent denne plads – You have earned this place – usually located by the seats meant for older or pregnant passengers so the meaning is clear.
  • Støt de mindste når det gynger lidt – Support the smallest when it swings a little – another one to look out for others, this time little kids on the bus when it is busy.
  • Alt bliver lettere i myldretiden med lidt ping-pong – Everything is easier with a little ping pong –  this was the sign that prompted the discussion. The Danes use the term ping pong to mean a little bit of chat as well as the game.
  • Et helt livs slid må give lidt privilegier – A whole life’s wear should give a few privileges – Very easy to transpose letters here and think it says sild (herring) as I did at first glance! Another one to encourage people to leave the first set of seats for the elderly.

I think I have got all these right and I am sure many readers already understand them but I thought I would share this today for those who may understand the general message about consider travelling but miss the nuances. I think its a great way to engage passengers to think about others more so thumbs up to Movia for this one for me. How about you?


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