Happy Sunday – weekly links

I stopped doing these little internet round ups earlier in the summer but some readers asked if I would do them again so here you go. Rather than Friday you can find these posts on a Sunday morning to enjoy with a nice relaxing cup of coffee.

IMG_1953What kind of expat are you? I think I count as the adventurer.

It all seemed so modern then – 21 years of Friends.

Guide to the perfect German sausage (IMO)

Interesting take on photographing our kids.

If you have been collecting blackberries this autumn, here is something different to do with them.

Adult colouring books are everywhere these days and here is the pick of the best. I also love adult join the dots!

Books were are reading at the moment , here and here.

I am loving this blogger’s transition from city to country life.

If you are looking for gluten free ice cream in Berlin then this is the guide for you (you may need to file it away for next summer)

Some great thoughts on helicopter parenting.

Wonderfully colourful project and proceeds to refugees. Plus the first American blogger I have read who has even mentioned the crisis.



  1. Thanks for including my ice cream post here! It’s never too late in the season for ice cream! 😉 And ever since I picked up that colouring book for you, I can’t stop thinking about them. Love the ones you included here!

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