Easter in Tivoli

We spent Good Friday in Tivoli and it was the first day in a long time when it felt even remotely Springlike. The Easter displays will be in place until next week and then it will be Spring in Tivoli. You could see a number of bulbs ready to bloom so if we actually have a few days with temperatures above freezing and some sunlight, it is going to look wonderful!

Special Winter season at Tivoli

Tivoli is opening for a special season this February to celebrate its 175 anniversary. The park is open until 25 February and it is looking very beautiful. It is worth noting that only the front part of the park is open so almost all of the rides are not open. Nevertheless there is plenty to see and do including a fabulous ice rink outside Nimb and a big igloo with a sled run inside. If you are feeling crafty you and you child can take part in a craft workshop in the Peacock theatre (this is an extra cost as it is run by an outside organisation called Clubcrea)

Spring in Tivoli

Although the last week has been pretty wintery I was lucky enough to catch Tivoli in the sunshine. We missed the Easter opening but the park is still looking very fine. If the colder weather continues it is a great time to visit without the crowds (a silver lining!)

Tivoli at Halloween

I’ve been working hard this week in a number of projects so it was lovely to spend the whole afternoon into the evening in Tivoli with my son. I love the seasonal openings in the park and this Halloween was no exception. Tivoli is opening for another two weeks until November 6th. But be warned next week is the Swedish school holidays so it will be a lot busier than my photos here!img_6488 img_6489 img_6496img_6491 img_6506 img_6509 img_6510 img_6518 img_6520 img_6522 img_6524 img_6530 img_6532

Spring in Tivoli and an act of honesty

Tivoli has been open for about a week now and I do think that Spring there is one of my favourite times. The spring flowers are beautiful and this year they have my favourite type of daffodil in abundance around the park. The main entrance is a little marred by the building site for the new food and shop complex aimed for completion in a few years but they have added a slightly bizarre giraffe and mirror installation to distract visitors.IMG_4366 Although the smell of hyacinths makes me slightly nauseous, this display is fabulous. At the moment it is fairly quiet in the park on weekdays with few crowds and short queues for the rides. Definitely worth visit at the moment.IMG_4367

I was delighted and perhaps a little surprised by the honesty of one unknown visitor there this Monday. Whilst we were fiddling about with our ride wrist bands I lost my CPR card and a 100dkk note, which I only noticed the next morning. I popped into the information office the next day to find that both had been handed in – I had expected the CPR card to be but not the money so that was a nice surprise and saved me 290dkk and put a smile on my face!IMG_4378

Christmas in Tivoli

Tivoli has been open for the Christmas season since the 14th November. As it was just cold and overcast and not raining on Friday we took the opportunity to get our first glimpse of the decorations there. As usual the park looked amazing and was surprisingly quiet. We will definitely be back for a number of other visits on the run up to Christmas to visit Father Christmas, as is our tradition, and to get more into the Christmas spirit as the big day nears.

In the meantime here is a little taster of the festive decorations this year.DSC01410 DSC01412 DSC01417 DSC01419 DSC01429 DSC01431 DSC01433 DSC01437 DSC01438 IMG_2680

And other Christmases (2014, 2013)

Halloween in Tivoli

We always have a visit to Tivoli during their Halloween opening and this year was no exception. We made sure we chose a sunny day last week and had a lovely afternoon wandering around. It is always worth sticking around until it gets dark for the real Halloween experience. The Halloween season ends on the 1st November so there is still time to enjoy some pumpkin fun this week.DSC01335 (1) DSC01343 IMG_2391

DSC01356 DSC01354DSC01363See our previous Halloween visits to Tivoli in 2014 and 2013.

Bulb fields in Tivoli

I think that Tivoli in the spring is my favourite time there. Easter weekend is usually very quiet and the perfect time to enjoy the park. This year Tivoli have really done something inspired and special. Plænen was transformed into a huge 400sqm tulip bulb field with 96,000 bulbs in full bloom. It was amazing! Not only that but there was  a smaller hyacinth field of 16,000 flowers just inside the main entrance and you could smell them as soon as you entered – the scent of spring. All the flowers have been grown in Tivoli’s own flower farm.  Last Thursday was their last day – but beautiful whilst it lasted!

DSC00565 DSC00573 DSC00574 DSC00577