Winter in Tivoli

As the school winter holidays start what better way to enjoy the break than in Tivoli? It is the second year that Tivoli has opened in February and they have again created a winter wonderland. We went on Friday and it was very quiet, which makes a change from the Christmas opening.

The ice rink outside Nimb is beautiful even if you don’t fancy taking to the ice! My favourite light installation is the one of Hans Christian Andersen’s eleven Wild Swans glowing in the dark. It wasn’t quite dark when I took the photo below but even so they looks splendid and this is one of my favourite HC Andersen stories.

We will be heading back during the holiday to try out Tivoli’s New Virtual Reality experience called ‘Bring the Spring’ in the Tivoli Castle. You can explore the ice masses, free the sun and enjoy the sight of the world sprouting into bloom. Tivoli has made a little video of it here.

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