Information for Brits in Denmark about Brexit

Currently as I write this (Feb 8 2019) there has been no deal struck between the UK and the EU27 over Brexit and as time goes on a no deal situation seem more and more likely.

A few weeks ago the Danish government released this information and advice to British people living in Denmark. 

This applies to you if you have lived here less than five years (point 1) and over five years (point 3).

The following information relevant to Denmark-based British residents, should a no-deal Brexit occur, was outlined by the immigration authority:

  • British citizens living in Denmark who have not already obtained an EU registration certificate (EU-registreringsbevis), or have not already applied for one, are strongly advised to do so prior to March 29th. Point of note you need this to obtain a CPR number so if you can’t remember if you have one of these but you have a CPR number then you have it.
  • Family members of Denmark-based British citizens required to apply for Danish residence via their family member’s status are also advised to do so before this date.
  • British citizens who qualify for permanent residency (tidsubegrænset ophold) in Denmark in accordance with EU rules are also advised to apply for this prior to March 29th. Currently if you have lived in Denmark for five years you are eligible to apply for this. It is OK if you have travelled outside Denmark during this time as long as you have not moved out of the country.

Above information was taken from The Local DK and they have also published this very useful article {link}

You need to complete form OD 1 this form {link} for EU residence if you haven’t already and also if you are applying for permanent residency (if you have been here 5 years or more). Read it through carefully when completing it.

We did this in early February for permanent residency and I can share our experience. 

A lot of this applies to you even if you have lived here less than five years. Remember check really carefully all the documentation they require for your circumstances.

Firstly all applicants must complete the form (this includes children but parents complete it) and all people must present in person to the Statsforvaltningen office, it is not possible to apply electronically, either by email or via eBoks. 

I would recommend getting there as early as possible. We arrived at 7.50am for 8am opening and were finished in about half an hour, although it may get busier.

You all need a passport photo each and to bring your passports with you. For permanent residency we needed to provide fives years of SKAT tax returns and although I was advised my husband didn’t need to get his work to complete the page about work status, they did ask for it. They accepted we didn’t have it but may ask for it via our Eboks (to date they have not but it is worth getting it completed nevertheless).

They didn’t ask for any other documents but I took our marriage certificate, birth certificates and also our EU Registration papers just in case.

 If you are self employed they may ask for other documentation so it may be worth checking on their phone line before you go. The lines are busy to expect to wait for a while for your call to get answered. I found them very helpful once I got through. This is the link to the phone line web page and it shows the best times to call and also the opening times for the phone lines.

We were told it could be six months before we get the papers back but we have made the application in time. I have heard from others that they got them very quickly and others who are still waiting. The advice is to get the application in before 29 March 2019.

This page {link} on the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a comprehensive guide and I assume they will keep it updated as things become clearer.

I have linked to many official pages here and I would urge you to get your information from these channels not social media over the next month or so. There is a lot of misinformation and scare mongering going on at the moment.


Statsforvaltningen website EU page

I have also created a few PDFs to help including checklists for each type of application

EU Registration (EU-registreringsbevis) Check List

EU Permanent Residence (Tidsubegrænset ophold)) Check List

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