Spring in Tivoli and an act of honesty

Tivoli has been open for about a week now and I do think that Spring there is one of my favourite times. The spring flowers are beautiful and this year they have my favourite type of daffodil in abundance around the park. The main entrance is a little marred by the building site for the new food and shop complex aimed for completion in a few years but they have added a slightly bizarre giraffe and mirror installation to distract visitors.IMG_4366 Although the smell of hyacinths makes me slightly nauseous, this display is fabulous. At the moment it is fairly quiet in the park on weekdays with few crowds and short queues for the rides. Definitely worth visit at the moment.IMG_4367

I was delighted and perhaps a little surprised by the honesty of one unknown visitor there this Monday. Whilst we were fiddling about with our ride wrist bands I lost my CPR card and a 100dkk note, which I only noticed the next morning. I popped into the information office the next day to find that both had been handed in – I had expected the CPR card to be but not the money so that was a nice surprise and saved me 290dkk and put a smile on my face!IMG_4378

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