UPDATED Coronavirus: Support local businesses


Coming into force at 10am on 18th March the government here in Denmark has made some sweeping changes which you can read here. The main areas are the closing of restaurants, bars and coffee shops (although currently they can still serve take away food and drink) and enterprises where you are in close contact with others such as hairdressers, beauticians and tattooists. Supermarkets and pharmacies are still open.

As things are gradually shutting down here in Denmark there are few things you can do to help local and small businesses to survive these unprecedented times.

Restaurants now can only offer take away or delivery and as long as you are observing social distancing you can head to these places and get some tasty food and help them out. The list of places doing this is pretty long but look up your favourite places and find out what they are offering at the moment. It is important to think about the long term here, if you enjoy eating in these places before the virus you’ll want to afterwards as well. At the moment it is unclear how long restaurants and non essential shops and businesses will remain open so all the support we can give them now is essential. Even if you are not a fan of Facebook this is place that most businesses are using to communicate any news as it is the easiest place to communicate news in these fast moving times.

Delivery services such as Wolt and Just Eat are still running at the moment but check their guidelines for receiving the delivery. They are operating what is called contactless delivery (kontaktløs levering) which means the delivery person will ring the bell, leave the food outside your door or where you have stated and then leave. It looks like you need to state this in your order so check how each platform is dealing with this.

In regard to other small businesses such as hairdressers, beauticians, clothes shops etc as well as restaurants and takeaways, check on their websites to see if they offer gift cards and buy one now to use after this is all over. Even though things are shut down, businesses still have financial commitments.

The main thing at the moment is to follow the guidelines and rules stated by the government. We are fortunate here in Denmark that the government are communicating well and are being transparent at the moment about the decisions they are making. This post is useful for the current news and guidance.

It has only been a few days so far of restrictions and remember you don’t currently have to stay indoors as long as you are sensible with social distancing and do not gather in groups of more than 10, you can still get out and about. Also observe the signage in supermarkets and other places which shows how to social distance correctly.


This article on the Guardian makes for good reading to help survive if you have kids at home over this period and still need to work. I was sent this from my son’s fab French teacher as well as the work the children can do over the enforced school break, I thought this was a very positive thing for a teacher to send as it recognised that this time is not going to be easy for anyone.






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