UPDATED: Coronavirus: round up of reliable information sources in Denmark

I started this post before the Danish government closed schools, universities etc so it seems even more important now.

With the novel Coronavirus or COVID 19 now categorised as a pandemic, it is even more important to bookmark reliable sources of information to avoid rumours, misinformation and downright lies online.

Below I have made a list of what I consider to be the reliable sources here in Denmark, the majority are official sources or news sites which report in a moderate way. These are being updated as the situation develops so bookmarking them is the best way to have the most up to date information.

The central point for official information is this website in Danish and English. 

It is regularly updated.

As this is a fast moving situation so I am not putting any current advice in this post.

However remember to wash your hands regularly when you are out and about, avoid public transit at busy times and walk and cycle when you can. Also there is plenty of food etc in the distribution system and the government are urging people to be sensible and not to panic buy. On a side note interesting to see that one of the products Danes are hoarding is yeast, both fresh and dried.

Information from the Danish Department of Health (Sundhedsstyrelsen) in Danish and also on Twitter

Also note that all cultural institutions such as museums and libraries (see information here about the libraries) are closed until 13th April (under current guidelines issued on 23 March). You won’t be able to get into the libraries at all (usually you can get in after staffed hours with a CPR card).

Current worldwide figures can be found here.

News sources

The Local.dk – all Coronavirus news is outside the paywall and therefore free to read.

DR news live feed

Your Danish Life on Facebook are updating with regular news in English very promptly and doing a sterling job.

TV2 nyheder

And if you are at home with children due to the school closures and you want to find some fun stuff to do with all the go to places closed here are some great ideas including this one and this one if you have some cardboard boxes. Jenni, the blogger behind the website said the latter one is great “because they a) take a while to make, and b) then provide hours of play afterwards” so get into that recycling bin!

Or you can browse the huge selection ideas on The Bear and The Fox website here, all tried and tested by Jenni and her family.




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