Where to eat out as a vegan in Copenhagen

I have become very interested in veganism and the motivation behind it over the last few months (and I’ve been enjoying this YouTuber’s positive take on it). Increasingly veganism or a plant-based diet is becoming more popular for a variety of reasons. I understand there is the difference between the two but for the purposes of this post I will recommend places that are both. This is short round-up of places I have been to in the city that offer either a complete plant-based/vegan menu or offer great options within their normal menu, of course there are many more and you can use an app called Happy Cow to find out other places.

The most obvious and popular place in Copenhagen to get a great plant-based meal is Souls {link}. I wrote about this place when they opened their first location in the city a good few years ago and they now have a number of awards and accolades under their belt and a new prime location spot close to Torvehallerne and the Queen Louise Bridge. This is the go to place for an innovative and delicious plant-based meal, even if you are not usually a vegan.

There are two raw food chains in Copenhagen, 42RAW {link} and SimpleRaw {link} and they both offer vegetarian, vegan and plant-based menu. They are in various locations in the city. Morgenstedet {link} is a volunteer run, canteen style vegetarian restaurant in Christiania, which gets great reviews and has been around for years.

There are a few places I know which offer an excellent selection or options for vegans. First is the Lebanese cafe, Mahalle {link}. You can read how much I loved the food here. Next is Kalaset {link}, which offers both a vegetarian and vegan brunch as well as other options. Again I have written about this place. Wagamama {link} also has a dedicated vegan menu.

Places with good options include Grød {link} for risotto and porridge, District Tonkin {link} for banh mi and Wild Kiwi Pies {link} for a delicious vegan savoury pie and California Kitchen {link}, which offers vegan options on a number of their poke bowls. Sticks’n’sushi {link} has also recently introduced an amazing selection of vegan options to their menu both in the restaurants and online.

Many places offer options on their regular menus and it is very easy to get plant-based milks in coffee shops, although there is sometimes an extra charge. Street food markets are also good places to explore as there are often new stands and sometimes great options can be found there.

Visit Copenhagen also has a page with their favourites. 

Here is a map featuring the places I have mentioned above to help get you started.


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