IVF and Adoption in Denmark

A couple of readers got in touch to ask if I cover IVF and adoption in my Guide to Having a Baby in Denmark. These are subjects are not currently covered in the guide but I will add in when I update it this summer. In the meantime I thought I’d write a short post here with some information which may help you if these are options you are exploring.

Adoption. This is often seen as quite challenging choice, especially when it comes to the paperwork and bureaucracy around it. Statsforvaltning has a very helpful page on their website in English about the process and links to forms to complete, again in English. Adoption is in the main from overseas not Danish babies or children (see reference here)

IVF I was very interested to discover, when researching this, that Denmark has the largest proportion of babies born through ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) in the world and 10% of all births in Denmark. (Source:BBC)

The obvious explanation is that IVF is, in many cases, covered under the public health services. If you pass a relevant medical test, the woman is under the age of 40 and the couple have no children already, it is possible to have a referral for IVF under the public (free) health service. If this is not possible for you there are a ton of private clinics boasting high success rates and short waiting times. They also have a higher age limit beyond the age of 40. They have varying prices but seem to be competitive with each other at around 23,000dkk for one cycle. A quick search for IVF clinics in Denmark or your city will give you plenty to choose from.


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