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So I started the preparations for this podcast back in the summer, yes it has taken me that long!  It is probably the one thing I have done since starting this blog and my business that I have found the hardest to do. It is a really personal thing to put your actual voice out there.  I found the whole process rather daunting and nerve wracking but I lined up some interviewees and with the basic tech I had I chatted with them about their expat lives. I unashamedly raided my address book of people I have found inspiring or fascinating along my expat journey. All of them have started, created or driven forward projects or businesses which directly help expats. They all share their thoughts on the conundrums of expat life – how to make friends, how to build networks and how to really settle in.

The first season or set of interviews is four episodes long. I will, hopefully, return with some more. I hope you enjoy the short first season. You can listen from a tab here on my blog and also on via Soundcloud or you can listen and hopefully subscribe over on iTunes (or Apple Podcasts as I think it is officially called). It is also available on Android by searching for the podcast name.

Podcast on Itunes

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  1. Brilliant news, looking forward to listening! I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts on Spotify recently. Have you considered uploading there also?

    (Ps. Big fan of Dejlige Days! Thank you for making this incredible resource! Always look forward to new posts in my inbox! )

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