Have you listened to my podcast yet?

I have just finished the first season of my podcast and you can listen and subscribe to the Dejlige Days Podcast over on Apple Podcasts – here is the link

Episode 4 (5 Feb 2018)

Today I am joined by Jenni Fuchs. Jenni has an unusual expat story. Jenni and I met through an expat mum and toddler group soon after we had both moved to Berlin. I am inspired by Jenni’s tenacious nature and her passion for museums. In the podcast she shares how she established a number of successful projects which enabled expats, both with families and without, to enjoy the amazing museums in Berlin as well as excellent advice about finding your place in a new city.

Episode 3 (28 Jan 2018)
Today we are joined by Charlotte Larsen the CEO and founder of Charlies Roof, a company which helps expats find their new home in Copenhagen or Arhus. Charlotte is Danish and has worked in home search for many years. Today she and I discuss how new expats can get the most out of using a smaller home search service and she gives tons of useful advice about how to approach searching for a new home, whatever city you are moving to. Without further ado lets get into the interview


Episode 2 (22 Jan 2018)
Today we are joined by Melanie Fieseler. Melanie and I met some years ago in Berlin where she was the driving force behind an expat parents meetup group. Since then she has gone on to launch Work Happy Mums and her own consultancy as well as being involved in a number of other projects.


Episode 1 (16 Jan 2018)
Today we are joined by Michael Barrett, who is the editor of The Local Denmark, an English language news website. We talk about his experience as an expat in Denmark but also the role English language news has for expats settling in a new country.
You can also listen via SoundCloud

Introduction Episode



Dejlige Days Podcast

So I started the preparations for this podcast back in the summer, yes it has taken me that long!  It is probably the one thing I have done since starting this blog and my business that I have found the hardest to do. It is a really personal thing to put your actual voice out there.  I found the whole process rather daunting and nerve wracking but I lined up some interviewees and with the basic tech I had I chatted with them about their expat lives. I unashamedly raided my address book of people I have found inspiring or fascinating along my expat journey. All of them have started, created or driven forward projects or businesses which directly help expats. They all share their thoughts on the conundrums of expat life – how to make friends, how to build networks and how to really settle in.

The first season or set of interviews is four episodes long. I will, hopefully, return with some more. I hope you enjoy the short first season. You can listen from a tab here on my blog and also on Dejligedayswelcome.com via Soundcloud or you can listen and hopefully subscribe over on iTunes (or Apple Podcasts as I think it is officially called). It is also available on Android by searching for the podcast name.

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