New Packages with Dejlige Days Welcome

new dejlige days welcome nav

After a year of operation I took stock of my relocation service, Dejlige Days Welcome, over the Christmas break. There have been some services I was offering which I thought would have demand, which did not. So I have shifted things around a little, made the navigation a little better to point first time visitors to the right place.

I have also put together a few bundle packages which save the client up to 10% saving in booking each part separately. I find that clients who take the pre-relocation consultation but not the local written guide for when they arrive are then struggling to find things and places they need. I would love for people to have the start to end service, hence the packages.

Here is a quick summary but do pop over to the website to get more detailed information.

Package Two

SAVE 10%

Package Three

SAVE 10%

2 thoughts on “New Packages with Dejlige Days Welcome

  1. Hi,
    I’m interested in moving to SE Sjaelland, not Kobenhavn. I’ve had two visits already to various areas, so I’m pretty sorted re locations, supermarkets, etc. I’ve also bought your book. But I think I’d like advice re finding a temporary rented home when I have cats – while still in the UK, best ways to get a mortgage as a newbie in Dk, what UK-based assumptions am I making about insurance/tax/banking, how to time things so husband and I find jobs around the same time. I’m wondering if you would do a Skype session about that, please? Mange tak 🙂

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