Yoga and Exercise Classes in English

As we start a new year, many people are looking for ways to exercise more. There was a post recently in one of the expat forums here about finding exercise classes in English. It is possible to join the main gyms here (Fitness DK and Fitness World) and ask if there is the possibility that the instructor can speak in English. They are not obliged to but I have heard in many cases they are happy to. It is probably best to check first before taking out a monthly membership. yogaYoga is an area where there are a number of studios offering classes in English and I have gathered some here. Do add in the comments any I may have missed and I will add them here.

Yoga Centralen in Frederiksberg is a super cosy yoga studio which also offers vegan meals.They have a number of classes in English including antenatal yoga and mother and baby sessions. Website

Yogamudra has two studios – one in Christianshavn and one in Østerbro. They offer a wide variety of classes in English Your membership is valid in both locations. Website

Yoga Factory in Hellerup offers some alternative yoga classes such as aerial yoga and most classes are taught in English. Website

Hot Yoga CPH offers hot yoga in various types. They are centrally located and claim to have the most relaxing yoga hall in town. Website

Astanga Yoga Studio in Østerbro offers a variety of classes but also an unique open studio concept. Website

There are many, many yoga studios in the city. If this interests you, why not simply pop in to your local one and ask about lessons in English or at least partly taught in English is there is demand.

Other exercise classes, as mentioned above, it is worth asking about English classes. You may find if they are a niche type of class, the instructors will be less willing as there is less demand. However the more inquiries they get the more they are likely to consider it. Maybe you have a group of other friends interested, if you mention this they again may see the benefit of offering it. Of course Danish is the language here so there is no obligation for them to accommodate you but asking nicely and showing what is in it for them may tip the balance.

Charlottehaven close to Nordhavn is know as a good place to get instructors willing to teach in English as the residents in the complex are often international. Website Also Powerhouse CPH offers a variety of less common classes including TRX. They have extensive information on their website in English. Website



  1. Most of the classes at Hot Yoga Østerbro ( on Nordre Frihavnsgade are in English – and it’s not just hot 😉 There are regular yin yoga classes and a few other styles of classes offered from time to time.

    Blå Himmel Yoga ( on Strandboulevarden also has a few classes a week in English.

    Many teachers are very accommodating and will teach at least partially in English if asked. Although taking yoga classes in a foreign language can be a great way to learn! Much of my German body-related vocabulary came from yoga classes! 🙂

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