Sweet Sneak pop ups

I have touched upon Sweet Sneak pop ups a little before on this blog, but I thought I’s take the chance to big them up a lot more. Sweet Sneak are a team of five women who met when studying at CBS together and started to organise monthly pop ups where they sold delicious cakes they have baked. Starting in 2012, I think I went along to my first in January 2013 in an apartment on Nørrebrogade, when they were still in their early days.img_6567The venues have changed but the concept of delicious cakes in an innovative location (the last one a few days ago was in Brus and featured beer pairing for the cakes) continues. The sneak element is that the event is only advertised a little bit before it happens. My advice is start following them on Facebook and make sure you get there early as the cakes sell out fast.img_6570

Sweet Sneak is now a start up and goes much more beyond the pop ups and you can read more about Sweet Sneak Studio here. This is an interesting article about the journey from little pop up to a thriving start up

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