The future is here – at least on the 3a bus route

If you travel on or live alongside the 3A bus route from Nordhavn to Valby, you may have noticed two of the buses are fitted with a weird looking attachment on the top. At Nordhavn Station there is an equally strange looking device suspended over a bus stop. img_6026

Movia, in cooperation with the City of Copenhagen, has been trialling the first two electric bus on this route since August. The buses are equipped with a pantograph (a new word for me which my seven year old has to explained, the shame). The charger can deliver 300 kW and with just one and a half to three minutes charge the bus is ready for a trip. For those concerned about the lifetime of the battery, it is six years. The idea is to move from heavily polluting diesel buses to electric buses in the city. img_6119

If you can read Danish this is an interesting article about the buses with a lot more nerdy stats.


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