Poul Gernes at Louisiana

I usually head to Louisiana with my son to see the new exhibitions and we had a great day at the Poul Gernes exhibition this week. I had no idea that Gernes was the artist behind the fabulously candy coloured Palads Cinema at Vesterport. In a way I enjoy going to an exhibition of an artist that I know very little about, it seems to be a lot more enlightening that way.IMG_5141

A highlight for us was the huge wooden pyramid constructed overlooking the sea in the grounds. We bravely (for me as I seem to be a lot more cautious these days) scaled to the top and were rewarded with amazing views. IMG_5144 IMG_5187 The exhibition is a riot of colours and shapes.IMG_5194 IMG_5197

Interestingly Gernes also designed the public decorations at Herlev Hospital and there is a small glimpse of this at the exhibition. Having spent a lot of time in hospital over the years, I can tell you that this kind of non sterile looking environment is super positive for patients.IMG_5198 IMG_5200 IMG_5201 IMG_5202

This is just a snapshot of this amazing exhibition, which as usual is mirrored in the activities in the Children’s Wing. Make sure you take a trip out there this summer/autumn  – it runs until 10 October and more information can be found here.

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