Talking about the Brexit on DR Nyheder

Last week saw the UK voting to leave the EU by a tiny majority. Living in the EU as a Brit I obviously have some thoughts on this and I was asked by DR News to talk about it and how I felt it would affect me, my family and my business. I was interviewed for over an hour in my apartment on Saturday morning and I was then featured on the evening news smack bang in the middle of Euro 16 (how ironic, i wonder if the UK will still be taking part on Euro 20?).

Anyway here is the link to the news feature.



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  1. The Brexit vote came as quite a shock, which I suspect many of us are still coming to terms with. I wrote a piece on it yesterday, a slightly more serious one than usual, given the far-reaching implications for all of us. It was great you got a chance to put a Brit perspective across on the news, terrific plug for your business too! I suspect you will find plenty of interest and new clients from the UK over the coming months.

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