Beaches of North Zealand

We spent the new year in a little cottage in Liseleje in the north of Sjælland. It is a popular area in the summer but in the winter you have the beaches to yourself except for some other hardy souls and winter swimmers. As I wrote before I love beaches whatever the season and the ones we visited had the perfect level of wildness to them. The one below is Stængehus Strand, reached through a forest area, Tisvilde Hegn. The forest is the fifth largest in Denmark.

A the beach there is basically a car park and that’s it in the winter. The beach is by a former training military area and is unspoilt. The perfect place for running up and down dunes (yes I am still very much a kid at heart), looking for exciting stones and enjoying the wildness. By all accounts this is a popular beach in the summer for swimming and sunbathing but we really enjoyed it in all its foggy glory.

IMG_3139 IMG_0215 The moorland and forest close by is also worth exploring, you can reach the forest from the beach or drive back to the road and park there at the beginning of the trees.IMG_3137 IMG_3149The second beach we visited was at Liseleje, another popular place in the summer but with the right weather conditions in the winter the perfect place to watch a wonderful sunset. This beach is popular with winter swimmers and beach combers. This year we weren’t lucky enough to see a sunset but when it happens it is amazing.IMG_9249_1024

It is easier to reach these beaches by car but it is possible to get there by public transport but it requires some coordination so plan ahead.

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