Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

IMG_3139So a new year has arrived. It was a foggy start but hopefully concealing a bright future!

We spent the New Year tucked away in a summer house close to Liseleje. It was peaceful and rejuvenating. It was nice to see the back of 2015 in many ways for me but as I relaxed in front of the fire in our little cottage, I thought that it would be a shame for 2015 to be simply defined by my accident back in January. The year has been an uphill battle towards recovery and that journey is far from over but it has also been a year of achievement and enjoyment. I turned forty this year and although I didn’t celebrate it in the way I hoped it was still memorable from a lovely lunch out with my husband and son, afternoon tea at Nimb and a girls’ weekend here in Copenhagen in the autumn. There have been so many other great moments this year which sometimes got forgotten in the fog of pain and frustration.40th birthdayProfessionally I also haven’t stood still. This year I became a Huffington Post blogger, gained a regular column at The Local, was featured in both the Guardian and The Sunday Times and was delighted to be part of this fantastic podcast. My blog has grown massively and I can only thank my readers for that. I also finally formally launched my relocation and settling-in service, Dejlige Days Welcome. Already I have three new clients since the start of the year.

So to 2016. Well for me this is the year that things will start to happen, I hope. A lot more of the above, a lot more hard work (but as I joke I am a fantastic boss!) both on Dejlige Days Welcome, this blog and my writing avenues. My e-book should be ready to publish at the end of this month and there are plans on place for smaller Copenhagen specific guides as well.  My mentor, Janet, spoke about how to approach a new year, not with a bunch of resolutions at the start, soon to be abandoned, but dividing the year into quarters with goals in each of the four time  periods. I think this is a fantastic way to approach it and much more sustainable.

Personally I want to stop worrying and trying to control everything. My son has had a hard time settling into school so I hope that 2016 will be a turning point for him, I know I need to help him on this but he also needs to find his feet, by himself, with our support. Life is a marathon not a sprint in so many ways.

We have a bit of travel planned – a trip to Hamburg in the spring as a family, I shall be attending the Hive again, this time in Dublin, and we will be taking a holiday somewhere warm this summer. I am also hoping to have a weekend away with one of my oldest friends too (something we did annually until sadly we let life get in the way).

The biggest goal for me it to be finished with physio and to be moving on from the thing that really did define my 2015 in spite of the good times. To make it something I learnt from, that made me stronger and does not define 2016 but to be defined by what I can do not what I can’t.

So no resolutions this year but goals and plans. I hope you too have a plan to make 2016 all you hope it can be but remember the biggest thing is to be kind to yourself and others.


  1. Happy new year! It sounds like things are really taking off for you, many congrats. I certainly hope 2016 brings you lots more professional success, but also, more importantly, health and happiness.

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