Amager Nature Centre

On Sunday we were invited to one of my son’s classmate’s birthday party at the Amager Nature Centre. We have been to the edge of the nature reserve, close to Vestamager Metro, before but for some reason I thought the nature centre was much further in from the road. We weren’t the only people attending who thought this but the centre is actually just a short walk from the entrance of the open space.IMG_2101As an organised event we had the use of a hut, a fire pit area and equipment to use to toast marshmallows and also to cook snøbrød or damper bread as I know it. Close by is the wide open space of Kalvebod Fælled and wild roaming sheep. The main nature centre has a cafe and an activity centre where you can borrow nature spotting equipment or take part in organised events – on Sunday they were running two spider spotting hunts.IMG_2103I was very grateful to have been introduced to such an amazing space by being invited to this party and we will definitely be returning to explore as a family and also on my own with my camera to capture the famous Kalvebod fog (if you are instagram it even has its own hashtag #kalvebodfog and if you want to really see this area in its glory I recommend following @gittestark on Instagram).IMG_2113 IMG_2109

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