Happy weekend links

Its been a busy week around here but here are some great links from around the Internet this week…IMG_2063

I never knew how many spots in Oxford inspired or were used in the Harry Potter films -makes me want to watch them again to try and spot them.

There have been a few moments this week when we could have used these ideas.

We love museums and always interested in new recommendations.

Not a fan of pumpkin spiced stuff but this baking idea may win me over on the pumpkin front.

Time to start working on boosting our immune systems for the autumn.

Interesting take on love locks here.

We saw this place over ten years ago and it’s hard to believe it is still derelict.

Fear I may be too old for this fashion but I still love it.

I love museum cafes and here are some of the best in London.

Fascinating article about Finnish education vs the US here.

Great autumn fashion tips here.

Who can forget Ross’ leather trousers?

Finally the Brits are being taught about hygge.

This is a snapshot of what I read on the Internet this week, follow me on Twitter for more each day. Until next time, have a great week! x


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