The Wave, Vejle

We spent a week in East Jutland earlier in the holidays. The main reason was to take my son to Legoland but after eight years of living in Denmark, I was embarrassed to say that I have never explored Denmark been beyond the shores of Sjæland so it was time to rectify that. The visit opened my eyes to a different Denmark and over the next few weeks I shall be writing a few posts about things we discovered there and thoughts on it.

But lets kick off with a bit of architecture. I am becoming something of a modern architecture bore, which I realised when a close friend visiting us seem to glaze over when I started to tell her about the architects behind many buildings in Ørestad. Anyway on our first day in Vejle, the award-winning The Wave (Bølgen) was top of my list to visit.IMG_1224Designed by Henning Larsen Architects, The Wave, a residential complex of 110 apartments, has become the symbol of modern architecture in Jutland. I had expected the building to be in a more built-up area but it was actually a pleasant surprise to find it semi-isolated (although how long that situation will be, who knows). We drove to a spot across the water from it to get a good idea of its shape but  I was keen to get up close and personal.

DSC01032 It is certainly an interesting and unique building and I love that all the apartments have this amazing view of the fjord and Skyttehusbugten bay, which is spectacular even on a gloomy summer’s day and it is wonderful to think that this view will never really change. I could sit on my balcony and look at this all day. The Wave is supposed to represent both waves and mountains depending on the time of day. In my mind I expected it to be a bit more commanding but it does certainly fit well with its location.DSC01037 The Wave has a real look of simple beauty about it and when the other three crests are completed (you can see a representation of this here) I think it may well achieve that wow factor. I am a fan of modern architecture as I feel that it challenges our thinking of what is beautiful and what is ugly, and how the unexpected can work.

Hopefully next time we visit Jutland we can find an Airbnb rental here!DSC01041 DSC01042 DSC01044Love how The Wave looks? Then this picture is perfect for you.


  1. That is beautiful, I saw some of the original drawings when it was at the planning stage but had completely forgotten about it. The finished product, albeit only 2/5 of what was intended is spectacular. I really must organise myself to visit Denmark again soon.

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