Brunch at Onkel A in Vejle

When we were heading to Vejle this summer I asked Helen Russell, author of Living Danishly, to recommend a few places to eat in the town. She recommended Onkel A, located in the heart of the town. On our first day, after visiting The Wave, we made our way through the town to this place for brunch. Whilst located in a modern building and a little pedestrian area, the cafe was very cosy and also fairly busy when we arrived, always a good sign in my book.

DSC01055Onkel A serves organic food and makes a point that it is a slow food place. I prefer to eat food that time has been taken over and not rushed so this was fine by me. There was plenty to choose on the menu but we all went for a brunch. I always think that a brunch is the best way to get a feel of a place and also I was starving!DSC01046 DSC01047 As you can see it was really something special. Time and care had been taken on the production and presentation of each item. I usually don’t eat a tuna salad on a brunch plate as it is often a tuna mousse but this was tuna meat dressed very lightly in a vinaigrette and was perfect. I savoured every mouthful of the meal. If you find yourself in Vejle I would make sure you have at least one meal in Onkel A.DSC01053

Address: Orla Lehmannsgade 3, 7100 Vejle


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