Africa at Louisiana

I had a different post planned for today but after spending yesterday at Louisiana I had to write about the new Africa exhibition currently running. It focuses on architecture, art and culture on the African continent and is the third in a series of exhibitions concentrating on architecture, culture and identity. I was disappointed to miss the first two so we made an effort not to miss this one.

We are regulars at Louisiana and always have a great experience however I would say that this exhibition was outstanding and really engaged both me and my son. I studied anthropology at university and I still have a massive fascination with other cultures, so this was right up my street. IMG_1643The mix of photography, videos, sculpture and real structures made it even more fascinating. The highlights (amongst many) for me was the part about floating structures on Lagos to help communities combat rising sea levels, a utopian city built by Bodys Isek KingelezI from recycled materials and the structure created outside in the gardens which will be taken down and moved to be used as a school house in Africa after the exhibition is over.DSC01208 Whilst I usually feel that longer panels of text can be too much, it was not the case here as the information was so interesting and pertinent to current issues surrounding architecture, the climate and the changing identity of the African continent. My only regret was that I didn’t buy the catalogue to accompany the exhibition.DSC01193Africa runs until the 25th October so I hope to return to see it again (and buy the catalogue). If you only go to Louisiana once this year make sure it is before this exhibition closes.

IMG_1658Don’t forget you can get your entry and return train ticket from Copenhagen for only 200kr (a massive saving) from DSB shops at stations, just be prepared they may have to look it up as it seems very few people take this deal.

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