Punjabi – a must-try for curry fans

I will start with a disclaimer, this is not a sponsored post although it may read like one. It is a public service post for all expats who are missing a great Indian meal.

I miss very few things from living in the UK but a decent hot curry not made hot by the addition of about ten chillies is one of them. So I was tentatively excited when I saw a former kebab shop across the street from our apartment being refurbished and renamed as Punjabi with a sign on the front saying it would be offering Indian food prepared by an Indian chef. Their menus appeared in a little glass box outside the shop and a sign announcing a 50% deal on meals on their opening night of the first of August.

IMG_1663On that date I made my way over clutching our order to be faced by a massive queue and a wait of an hour (at least) as the good people of Østerbro took advantage of a bargain. I decided to wait for another day.

That day came last night. We ordered samosa, chicken tikka masala (for my husband), a chana masala for me and a few sides such as rice (which unusually the main dishes do not automatically come with), roti and a naan bread (which looked homemade). I asked for my chana masala to be made hot.

To say this is the best Indian meal I have eaten in Denmark is doing it a disservice.  It was probably one of the best I have eaten from an Indian takeaway ever outside of Aberdeen (which surprisingly is the home of a massive collection of amazing Indian restaurants). Many places here seem to have one sauce that they add different things to and call it a different name but each of the sauces were very distinctly different, mine was nicely spicy without the addition of a ton of fresh chillies. The dishes were generous and the bill was affordable. I fear that there general level of spice may be too much for the average Dane and I hope that they don’t adapt to this audience. They say their purpose is to improve the standard the standard of Indian food in Denmark, I would agree they have managed that goal!

It is located dangerously close to our place so I see many more delicious meals in my future. So if you are on the look out for a decent curry check out their website and get on down to Østerbro (they also already have a place on Amager ) or order your takeaway directly from them. They will charge from 29 kr for a delivery, and the payment is available with cash or mobilepay before the delivery man leaves the takeaway.

Strandboulevarden 168, 2100 København Ø
Amagerbrogade 188, 2300 København S


  1. Oh I am horribly envious!! We don’t have anything approaching even a half-decent curry here. I love making them, so it’s not like we’re doing without, but sometimes you just want to be able to order one!! Happy you 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tip! 🙂 I’d given up hope of finding a half decent curry in Denmark, I’ll definitely give this a try (maybe the one on Amagerbrogade as its closer to me) and report back 🙂

  3. Really? I think I have eaten better Indian at Deep at Vesterbrogade, or The South Indian, also at Vesterbrogade. For small take away place, I could recommend Smørhullet on Holmbladsgade – that’d be close to you if you plan to live in Sundby

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