Exploring Østerbro – Tåsinge Plads

Østerbro can sometimes feel a little bland compared to its more lively neighbour, Nørrebro, but as time goes on I am finding little interesting pockets in the area. Tåsinge Plads is one of them. Its regeneration is part of a wider environmental initiative, which I shall write about in more depth next month. IMG_0619 The area used to be all concrete and streets but has now been converted into a community green space. It is part of the Climate Quarter in this area and the first stage of a wider project. The centre of the space uses innovative drainage systems to draw the water from cloud bursts away from the surrounding residential area. Before the area was changed there was a community consultation period, where all the proposals were presented and this created a good dialogue with the locals. It has now become a welcome open space that is used by many different sectors of the community, not just young people.IMG_0621

Solgårdens Mejeri, named after the former brewery in this area, is a lovely little Ricco’s cafe situated right on the open space and there is also a pizza takeaway for food to enjoy out in the square.IMG_0622 It’s an interesting little space in a very residential area which for sometime has been somewhat forgotten, and worth venturing into outer Østerbro for.IMG_0623


  1. The cafe is Riccos – they just kept the old sign of the milk&bread place that once used to be there.

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