Finderskeepers Apartment Store- the most original shopping experience ever

Imagine pressing the door buzzer, walking up some normal Danish apartment stairs and going into a beautiful apartment that looks like it is straight from the pages of a Danish interiors magazine and everything inside is for sale? Sounds like a dream but this is the most inspired shopping experience I have ever had and it is happening right now in Copenhagen. Finderskeepers Apartment Store No. 9 is located in a quiet apartment building at Jagtvej 9 until the 28th June.DSC00909This amazing shop is located in the apartment of the CEO of Finderskeepers. Finderskeeprs is a design market that takes place here in Copenhagen and also in other Danish cities and they have decided to hold the most inspired and unique pop-up shop, showcasing many up and coming designers, handpicked by Finderskeepers.DSC00912They wanted to present the products in an actual apartment setting and to give people a feel of how each item would actually work in a real home setting. The dining room, living room, kitchen, bathroom and balcony are all laid out as if the most stylish person you know lives there and it can all be yours.DSC00913Many of the larger furniture items are prototypes from design students’ final projects or new designers and if they get a certain number of orders from the apartment store then they can go into production.DSC00914It is a fantastic way to promote the work and talents of the new generation of designers and craftspeople, and it gives people the chance to get something really unique for their homes. The shop runs until the end of the week so there is still time to experience this.DSC00919 DSC00922 I love the tree coming up from the centre of the dining table, often lost space.DSC00924 DSC00928 DSC00932 More information and news (in Danish) on their Facebook page here. The store is open  Monday-Friday 11-19 and Saturday-Sunday 11-17 until 28th June.

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