Greenify your home

Whilst I was at the Finderskeepers Apartment Store I got chatting with one of the women, Michala, working there. After explaining about the Apartment Store concept she also told me about her own business called Greenify, which was also featured in the pop up shop.


I have written before about how hard it is to have even a small garden space here in Copenhagen and to find the right things to grow. Greenify is a genius concept to make this  much easier. You visit their website and select either a balcony box or a smaller tub and then drag and drop the herbs or edible plants such as tomatoes or peppers or flowers into your virtual planter. The smaller balcony box (although both boxes are pretty substantial in size) takes three plants and the larger one takes four. You can move them around into your desired arrangement. Greenify then plant it and deliver it to your door. The short video on their website gives you a great idea of the concept from the farm to your home.


All the plants are organic and grown at Greenify’s farm close to Holbaek Fjord by an expert gardener, Niels. They are subject to the Danish climate so strawberry plants in May may be a little petite but ready for later in the summer. Greenify believe that fresh herbs and plants bring both taste, beauty, life and energy to our homes and who can disagree with that?DSC00933

Greenify’s website.

NB this is not a sponsored post.

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