Fleafinder – the way to make the most of the fleamarket season

I love flea markets and Copenhagen is a great place for them once the summer months arrive. The flea market season usually starts at the beginning of April and runs until the autumn. You can read about my favourite flea market here and how to make the most of them.IMG_4406But one thing is knowing where the markets are taking place. There are the weekly ones but there are often smaller private markets happening or perhaps you are looking for a certain type of thing at the market. In a discussion on a Facebook forum recently an app called Fleafinder was mentioned. I downloaded it and it is genius, with a comprehensive (although not exhaustive) list of all kinds of flea markets taking place. You can filter your search or just search by dates. It is also possible to advertise your own market.

IMG_0013I got in touch with the woman behind the app for more information. Christina Mainz, 24, developed the app as part of her degree studies in International Business and Marketing and the concept grew from there. She now works with an international team on the development and has an intern working for her and she hopes to expand into other cities such as Paris, London and Berlin. In 2013 she was nominated for Female Entrepreneur of the Year and has been featured widely in the media, most recently on Go’ Morgen Danmark.

I love the idea of this app and also the story behind it. It is great for locals and also people visiting the city who want to try to grab that Dansk design bargain. I means that I can certainly make the most of the flea market season.

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