Flea Markets

Here in Copenhagen the flea market season will soon be upon us and I am very excited! There are a number of flea markets around the city every Saturday but my favourite is the one behind the Rådhus in Frederiksberg. Before I had a baby I found flea markets rather daunting and found that I couldn’t really focus on what was there and inevitably ending up only seeing the junk.

Once I had a child I was on the look out for clothes and toys and that meant that I was incredibly focussed and I found some great gems at fantastic prices. Wooden toys are one of the best things here to look out for babies and young children. They are durable so are still in great condition and the prices at the fleamarkets are a lot less than in the shops. Also Lego and Duplo but it goes quickly, so you need to get there early if this is on your list. I remember coming home with a wooden car run for my son when he was about 18 months old and he found it so exciting that he didn’t want his nap or lunch!  One of my other best purchases was a Normann dog for 100kr.

One of the downsides for me (or upsides depending in the gender of your child) of looking for baby and toddler clothes is there is usually more available for little girls than little boys.

Now my son is a bit older and I have thinking more about adding special touches to our home ( I have become very influenced by Danish interior style) my flea market list has expanded a bit more. I have my eye out for two or three particular items for our home and I am, of course, still on the look out for great toys for my son.

The Frederiksberg one starts at the beginning of April and is held every Saturday morning during the summer.

I recently read this great advice about flea markets from the team at A Beautiful Mess and I thought it was spot on.  The best advice is to have a list of what you are after or at least an idea of a type of thing you are looking to collect – my mum visits her local Brocantes (flea markets) in France to find copper kitchen items, this means she only comes home with things she truly wants plus she has a good idea about what is a good price for what she is looking for. This has been a mistake for me in the past as I have seen things but had no idea if they were a good price and passed them up only to regret it later. Another mistake I have made is not having enough cash on me which is easy to do in Denmark where we use our Dankorts for everything.

So I am hoping for some great bargains and lots of fun (and maybe sunny) mornings poking around the stalls.


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