Gift wrapping the Danish way

One of the first things you will notice shopping in Copenhagen in many places from Magasin to small shops is the question ‘ Er det til gave?’ (Is a gift?). It’s not quite on the scale of the Rowan Atkinson scene in Love Actually but you will see something special. Subtle but tasteful paper will be produced to wrap the gift after the price has been discreetly covered with a gift code. There will then be the addition of a ribbon and probably a small sticker with the shop’s name. I love it!

Some shops also provide public wrapping areas if you want to do it yourself.

I thought I was used to this special treatment but I can still be surprised. I bought a lovely Rie Elise Larsen tea towel for 65kr from the Vesterbro based Artium’s on line store. I opened my letterbox to find a brown paper wrapped parcel with ribbon, inside a gift wrapped parcel. It was a beautiful experience akin to having been given special gift – and made my day!


  1. Love it! Even though you are ordering for yourself, it makes you feel like they are sending you a little gift :)Is that your tablecloth they are lying on (with the black and white tree etc)?

  2. You're right! And yes that is my tablecloth, we thought about getting a brighter one but this one suits the apartment more. But the owls are sometimes a bit too beady eyed for me!

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