Leckerbaer – biscuits from heaven

I love a place with a story and a personality behind it and it seems that Copenhagen is really enjoying a burst of these kind of places at the moment. On Friday I got myself motivated and before the rain clouds set in I headed down to Ryesgade to see what all the buzz is about a new pastry or småkager shop just opened a few months ago.DSC00370Leckerbaer is a small bakery and coffee shop selling various kinds of small delectable biscuits, cream puffs and madeleines, and wonderful coffee in a simple but cosy little place. DSC00365I had a lovely chat with Jakob who, with his wife Gabi, founded the bakery and produce all the pastries in the glass fronted bakery next door to the shop. They are both trained chefs and have worked in Michelin starred restaurants around the world. Jakob told me that baking sweet things such as the beautiful biscuits they sell was their hobby and they decided to make their passion into a business.

Having tasted a couple of the biscuits I can say this was a smart move – the lemon one I tried was wonderfully crunchy but at the same time had a super moist filling. lecker2Watching the care and attention Jakob put into arranging a take away box of biscuits (above left) for a local customer (take away boxes are their main sellers), you can tell how much pleasure his handiwork gives him, and judging by the smile on the customer’s face, others too. I can’t wait to come back and treat us to our very own box.DSC00361DSC00363 

Address: Ryesgade 118,  2100



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