Being a tourist in my own city

Today marks eight weeks since I had surgery to put my arm back together after my cycling accident. I had thought about writing an uplifting post about all the positive lessons I learnt from the experience – there are many but equally there have been some very low points over the last two months. However instead of a moment of introspection, I looked outside at the bright blue sky, grabbed my camera and headed out into the sunshine.

Like many people who live in cities, I often find myself travelling past some of the most beautiful and historic buildings, always with the thought in my mind that I should stop and look but maybe next time. Well, next time came yesterday. After seven years I went into MarmorKirken. It may not be St Paul’s but it is still pretty breathtaking.

DSC00384 DSC00385 DSC00389 DSC00390 DSC00399I then gazed up at the golden domes of Alexander Nevsky Church, the Russian orthodox church, a few metres away (I couldn’t see a way in for visitors).


amalienborgI then meandered around Amalienborg, marvelled at how young the guards are and then sat in the warm spring sunshine looking over the sparkling harbour, my face turned towards the sun like a flower and I felt thankful, hopeful and above all looking forward to the rest of the year.



  1. Beautiful photos, and a wonderfully crisp Copenhagen day for your wander around. Do you know, in ten years of living there, I never went inside Marmor Kirken, despite many tours of this area, so your pics have shown me what I missed all that time. Thanks for sharing. Wish you well with your recovery.

    • Thanks! Its the kind of place you tend to appreciate from the outside but the inside is pretty special. It was so warm in the sun, like an early summer day – beautiful!

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