Staying Strong

I had planned a different post for today but after the terrible events in Copenhagen this weekend, it didn’t feel right to post it today. I have a lot of emotions about what happened here on Saturday.

The events of this weekend saddened and angered me, happening so close to home and to people in a city I love. It is easy for hate to overshadow love and fear to overshadow freedom but it is in times like this that we need to hold close the things and people we value.IMG_9514We live in a frightening world and it is easy to get sucked into the bad things that happen, especially if they happen minutes from your home. But this weekend I was reminded that there are still people who believe in good – from the police, the public who contacted them with information, the people laying flowers, lighting candles and offering prayers and thoughts for the deceased and their families but also everyone who still went about their lives on Sunday, celebrating Fastelavn with their children, walking around the streets, running in the park, and didn’t let fear stop them. The people on Instagram who shared photos of our beautiful city with positive thoughts and comments. Messages of support from around the world.

I am grateful to live in a safe city where gun crime is relatively rare, where people look out for each other in times of trouble, where our Prime Minister can shop in her local Irma, children can travel on public transport safely without adult supervision, and babies can safely sleep outside cafes. Where I can walk at night without looking over my shoulder in fear. Where we can enjoy freedom to be. What happened on Saturday was one person’s attack on freedom and should not change how we view our city. I continue to be grateful for the relative safety my family and I are lucky enough to enjoy here. Let’s not allow one person to have the victory of changing us all.


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