More thoughts on positivity

I wrote about positivity last year but since I have a few more regular readers, now, I thought I would touch on this again. Looking at life in the most positive way possible to me is the way to getting the most out of it.


I have to confess that during the last week I have been struggling a little with staying positive. I can be prone to periods of introspection and negativity when life throws a curveball, which I try not to let take over. Saturday felt like a turning point probably thanks to some better nights’ sleep and a little less pain.

But what I wanted to talk about was positivity and this blog. I understand that not everyone loves life in Copenhagen as much as I do. I have lived in a few other countries and I can say for me personally that Denmark and Copenhagen are the right fit for me – for my personality and outlook on life, but it may not be for others.

Nevertheless, I concentrate on the things here I love, enjoy and discover and share them with my readers. Even if you are struggling to enjoy life in Copenhagen it is still useful to find interesting things to see or do, or maybe read a positive take on life here. I struggled to settle in Berlin a few years back and I feel that a positive expat blog would have really helped me out. I started my own one, which did help others but I wish there had been something positive I could have found in the early days to prevent me from feeling quite so lonely and at sea.

I occasionally get challenging comments about what I write; where others have a less bright outlook on life here and feel perhaps I should be less positive. To those people, I hope you will still read my posts but perhaps there are other blogs and forums that may suit you better if you are looking for a debate or justification of a positive outlook.

For those of you who enjoy a rosier take on life I hope you continue to visit here and enjoy what I share.

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