Valentine’s Gifts Scandi style

Valentine’s Day falls this weekend and unlike the UK and the US it isn’t a massive deal here. There are a few things in the shops promoted for the day but it is pretty low key in comparative terms – I think people are more interested in eating Fastelavnboller!

Nevertheless, the lure of pink and pretty is always very strong for me (I’m a little princess inside!) so if you are looking for a little token for a loved one or a little something pretty to spoil yourself with, here are a few ideas from Scandinavia…


Liquorice, cup, nail polish, flower jar, tea egg and tea, vase, chocolates, necklace


  1. &other Stories, that’s where it’s at! I love that place. Not all the clothes, but the jewellery and the small pouches or shoes are so my thing!

    But I take that chocolate too!

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