This Weekend

So here is the first weekend post of 2015. How has your first full week of the new year been? Mine has been busy with exciting new projects but also full of sadness and anger over the events in Paris this week. It is time to hold our loved ones close and also to appreciate what freedom of speech means.this weekend

I have been putting the finishing touches to the first Dejlige Days newsletter which will be sent to subscribers on Tuesday . Sign up here if you want to see it too.

Trying out the ribbon trick myself.

Embracing the green smoothie at the moment and this is my cheat sheet.

Using this as inspiration for a healthy start to the new year.

Happy to count this lady (and her stylish home) as one of my friends.

Delicious weekend breakfast treat here.

Useful tips on how to be nice online from an unusual source.

This is exactly how I feel at the moment.

This takes me back to my teen years – to indeed be a god! (guess the film)

How to shop better here.

Delighted to be included here.

How to enjoy Instagram even more.

Love Rachel Khoo so looking forward to checking this out.

Happy weekend – keep warm and safe – there’s a storm coming!

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