Anthropology and blogging

Many people reading this may not know that many years ago I studied Social Anthropology at University. It had been a subject I wanted to study since I visited the Museum of Mankind in London when I was thirteen years old. Other cultures fascinated me and ,whilst the degree matter I studied wasn’t as exciting as I hoped, it taught me to look at even familiar societies in a different light. Anthropology isn’t just about looking at tribal culture in Africa or marriage rituals in Indonesia but looking at culture and ways of life much closer to our own. Just because we are all European or American doesn’t mean that our cultures, rituals and traditions are the same. Just ask someone from Russia, Italy and the US to tell you about their Christmas traditions and you will see this.

SuperkilenLast year I was introduced,  via email, to a young woman currently studying Social Anthropology in the UK, who was staying in Copenhagen to look at the social impact of Superkilen in Nørrebro as part of her dissertation. This is a perfect example of the less exotic, but nonetheless, relevant nature of Anthropology. I was initially surprised when she said how much she enjoy the social anthropology angle of this blog. I hadn’t even considered what I was writing about and sharing was social anthropology but the more I thought about it, the more I could see what she was saying.

I do talk about traditions, rituals, ways of daily life that are unique to Copenhagen, ways of dressing, ways of building homes, and simply ways of living here – I am probably studying and researching more proper anthropology than I ever did in my three years of my degree – perhaps I should go back and do it all over again?


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