Make your own Christmas wreath for under 150kr

This is the first of two little Christmas DIYs this week. I decided this year to make my own Christmas door wreath rather than decorate a natural one like last year. Over the last month or so I have been gathering bits and bobs to use to decorate with over Christmas. I decided to make a white and silver themed wreath using a woven wooden wreath made from light coloured wood as the base. I then added some birds and cones from my old Christmas decorations plus some little baubles and a happy Christmas message. As Jenni from Museum Diary pointed out the Danish God Jul is a lot easier to incorporate than Merry Christmas or Frohe Weihnachten!wreath diyOnce my glue gun was warmed up it took hardly anytime to put together and I am delighted with the result. So for under 150kr I have a unique and beautiful wreath to welcome guests this Christmas. How about you? What kind of wreath to do favour?

What I used:

Letters from Notre Dame spelling God Jul (these were originally red but I painted them white to fit my colour palate) = 34kr

Base wreath from Søstrene Grene = 24kr

Birds from last year = 30kr (approx)

Cones (painted by me) also from last year = 30kr (approx)

Baubles from Søstrene Grene = 8.80kr for 12

Plus my trusty glue gun, hobby paints and brushes, pva glue and silver glitter – all from my craft supplies.


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