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Here is the final giveaway this year and this is a fab one, open to any reader in Europe (sorry postage is a bit much for the rest of the world!) I have mentioned my blogging friend and award winning cook book author, Anne Faber, before and I was excited to receive her new cookbook, Anne’s Kitchen – Barcelona, Istanbul, Berlin, last month. She has been kind enough to give me an additional copy to giveaway to one lucky reader.

Anne has spent this year travelling to Barcelona, Istanbul and my old home town of Berlin, tasting the local cuisine and developing a whole book of delicious recipes inspired by her travels.CIMG7861

The photography is amazing and the recipes equally so. I can’t wait to dive in and get cooking. My current favourites are Pea and Mint Salsa Salad, Savoury Baklava and Curry Wurst. I was looking through my copy again this weekend and there are a lot (and I mean a lot) of pages marked, ready for a new year cooking extravaganza. The book really gives a taste of three very different cities and their food culture. This would make a fabulous gift or simply an addition to your cookbook library.CIMG7866 CIMG7867 CIMG7869How to enter: Leave me a comment here telling me which city you would most like to visit to enjoy the local food – Istanbul, Barcelona or Berlin. Competition closes at midnight European time (GMT +1) on Tuesday 9 December and I will announce the winner on Wednesday.

If you would like to buy the book you can do so here.



  1. I loved Anne’s first book! Would be thrilled to add this one to my cook book library too. Since I live in Berlin and have already had the good fortune of visiting Barcelona, I guess I would choose Istanbul to visit 🙂

  2. I would choose Istanbul. I love Turkish food. My husband is working there at the moment and he makes my mouth water with his tales of the delicious food every time I speak to him.

  3. Anne is amazing! I follow her on Instagram and always love seeing her post. She’s inspiring. I would definitely choose Istanbul! I love Turkish food, but never get the chance to have it so would be neat to cook some food based on how Anne views it 🙂

  4. Hi. I am an Indian living in Denmark. .so I cook Indian and try my hand at other cuisines as well. Have tried some amazing Turkish food .I think each country has its own cooking methods and ingredients. Visiting Barcelona would be great as it would give me a chance to eat and understand the ingredients commonly used there !!!

  5. I would choose Istanbul – I love Tas, the Turkish restaurant I discovered on a trip to London. It would be fantastic to eat authentic dishes in their country of origin. It’s too hard to get the ingredients here in Denmark.

  6. Is it wrong to pick all three? 🙂 I have enjoyed every bite possible while visiting Barcelona and Berlin, so I guess if forced to choose I would say Istanbul for something new. What a fabulous collection of different cuisines this must be! Fingers crossed….

  7. Hey Melanie 🙂 I love german food, it’s actually the one I love most (and know best), so normally I would immediately go for Berlin, but I actually think I know it too well now, to pick it 😉 Therefore, I decided to choose Istanbul. I’ve never been in Turkey, but people tell you so much about it and I can only imagine how beautiful it must be to stay there… A different culture, a different lifestyle maybe, a very different language,… Well at least I imagine it to be all different from what I know 😉 My mother told me that turkish people eat many very sweat desserts and that they have lots of different dips (Hummus,…). So I heard all about it, but never tasted anything. I really love cooking, but I actually always cook the same kinds of meals.. Pasta, Pizza, Cakes, Muffins, pancakes, vegetable soups.. It’s getting boring and therfore I’d really like to learn how to cook oriental food, to get a little bit of change in my cooking routine. I won’t get immediately to Istanbul, and therefore getting a little taste of it at my place, would be like getting Istanbul nearer to me, which is actually also quite cheaper, haha 😉
    I suppose that’s why people like to cook meals from different parts of the world, to feel like being on a taste-vacation 😉
    I bought Anne’s first book a year ago, and I like it very much, because it made me get to know british food a little bit better, after everybody always told me that british meals were not edible, I now kno that is absolutely WRONG ! haha 🙂 Through Anne’s book, I got to know scones or cross buns now or the brokoli stilton soup, and I love it.
    And that’s what I’m sure would happen, if I could win Anne’s second book. At the moment, I only know “Kebab” and I’m not even sure it’s actually a real turkish meal 😛 That’s why it really is time for me to get to know more about food culture from the east and.. to go on vacation to Istanbul some time later ! (:

  8. I would like to visit all these cities – but most of all Istanbul because I’ve never been there! Would love to discover the cultural mix of these city – in my plate of course 😉 I loved the first book of Anne so wining the second one would be a pleasure! thank you!

  9. Oh I love Anne and all her fantastic recipes! I would definitely go back to Istanbul. I was there for a few days years ago and remember having some of the tastiest foods (especially the honey soaked desserts).

  10. Hej Melanie!
    I would like to try the spicy taste of Istanbul! 🙂 even if my favourite dish at the moment is the so danish riz a l’amande!

  11. I just adore Ann and would love a copy of her cookbook! I would definitely be heading to Barcelona. I love the food there! xx

  12. I like Barcelona . I was rhere 2 years ago . I like it very much .
    I would be happy to collect the second book from anne . Every friday i was looking her showon rtl andi am fascinated ( sorry for my english)

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