My favourite film

If you ask someone what their favourite film is they will often say their current favourite or something that they think makes them sound cool. I will readily admit that since the age of about 14 until now (and no doubt until the day I die) that my favourite film is Dirty Dancing.  I recall the first time I watched it on a coach travelling to Austria for a school ski trip. It was a revelation. I loved sixties music and for a hormonal 14 year old the whole Patrick Swayze thing was mind blowing. We all had a crush on our ski instructor, Jan, who in my mind took on Johnny Castle proportions if only for a week. I have probably watched this film hundreds of times, I know the dialogue and songs off by heart and yet it still makes me feel the exact same way it did all those years ago. Happy, hopeful and like a 14 year old on the cusp of romantic life. Cheesy I know but who cares?


And when it comes down to the line of the film for me? Yes I love the “I carried a watermelon” and “no one puts Baby in a corner” but the best for me is “Sit down, Jake” sternly from Baby’s mum to her father as Johnny sweeps her daughter onto the stage in the last scene of the film. All along she has been sidelined and no doubt  thought Johnny was as sexy as her daughter does and finally got to use her power as a woman and a mum!

So what is your real favourite fiim?


  1. Cabaret. I was a fashion student when it came out in 1972 and I was (still am) fascinated by the costumes and the whole atmosphere of Sally Bowles’ world. I missed the last bus back to my home town from Oxford so that I could watch the end and walked the ten miles home singing all the way. My favourite line? “Divine decadence, Darling”!!!!

  2. Chocolat.
    I love it (and the book, which is probably quite rare to love a film/book combination) so much that I named my daughter after the main character. So many amazing women in one place.

  3. My Top 3 films are: Mary Poppins (“practically perfect in every way”), The Thomas Crown Affair (the remake with Pierce Brosnan – it’s also my favourite museum movie), and the comedy ‘Murder By Death’.

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