Autumn at the Botanical Gardens

Last week was the school autumn break here in Denmark and between heavy showers were made sure that we enjoyed the autumn colours around the city. We spent a whole afternoon wandering around the Botanical Gardens close to Nørreport. I love that such beautiful and peaceful places exist so close to the centre of the city. I hope these russets and oranges brighten up your Monday!CIMG7499 CIMG7501 CIMG7512 CIMG7532 CIMG7537 CIMG7542 CIMG7549 CIMG7558 botanisk 1 botanisk 2


  1. […] On Monday I showed you the wonderful autumn colours but a big part of the gardens are the Glass Houses. We discovered last week that during holiday times and some weekends there are extra green houses open, which was a lovely surprise (check here for times). I adore the main glass houses (sadly the main and most spectacular one on the middle, the Palm House, is currently closed for renovation) but looking around the succulent and cactus houses was a real treat. […]

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